“Chances” A Poem (2014)

It’s just an idea

followed by an action

It doesn’t have to be voluntary

Or an accident


Just the roll of the world

The flick of the smile

A gamble of thoughts, actions, and reactions

Each card holds a chance

But what when it’s realized

game changers are scarce?


When will a chance arise?

How are we to know when it’s drawn?

We won’t

We won’t even know when we’re wrong


So hold on to each moment

Then let go and grasp the next

Each the simmer of a hopeful chance

A light

Towards a job, a school, a friend


Who was it that said “it’s the little things that matter?”

But really meant

Especially the loss of small riches is wasted


But we don’t know what we’ve lost

As much as we don’t know what we already have

We are already clueless

We are already vulnerable

So call their bluff

win or lose

Control of the game

will be attained


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